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How many hours do you, and your children, actually spend in your pool? If you compare that to the hours you spend searching for the right chemicals, skimming the pool, and getting it repaired, you may be surprised.

Many people have begun to feel that their pool is more of a hassle than it’s worth. It is costly, between pumps, filters, chemicals and the utilities you use to run the pool. It also takes up your time, and the safety issues around the pool may even increase your stress levels.

It’s no surprise that many people are getting pool demolitions in Los Gatos.

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The Environmental & Health Cost of Pools

Of course, you knew about those disadvantages of pools already. But, did you know that new research has shown that pools also have serious environmental and health costs?

Health Effects

  • Asthma: Babies exposed to chlorinated water may develop asthma. Competitive swimmers may also develop asthma from pool water.
  • Dental enamel: Long-term use of chlorine pools may wear down tooth enamel, which exposes them to further harm, and may make their texture rough
  • Bladder cancer: Chlorinated water has been linked to bladder cancer, and researchers aren’t sure how serious this risk is.

Keep in mind that those risks are in addition to the usual swimming pool hazards of slipping, drowning, and getting a sunburn.

Environmental Effects

  • Wasted water: A pool uses a significant amount of water, which is hard to manage when water restrictions are in place, as they frequently are in Los Gatos.
  • Chemical exposure: Chlorine and other pool chemicals evaporate from pool water, and exposure to them can harm wildlife and even the beneficial bacteria in your soil.
  • Fossil fuel use: Your utility bills aren’t the only thing suffering from running a pool pump, filter and heater. They take up a lot of energy.
  • Erosion: Discarded pool water contributes to erosion, especially if you dispose of it while it is raining.

Our concern for the environment is changing the way we live, for the better. Once pools may have been considered an essential part of a home, but times change. Getting rid of your pool will help the environment even more than getting rid of plastic bags, microbeads, and plastic straws.

Convenient Pool Demolition That Won’t Interfere with Your Life

At Bay Area Pool Demolition, we understand that you can’t be around to make sure every little part of your pool demolition goes smoothly. So, we take care of every aspect of your pool demolition from start to finish. Here’s our process:

  • We get your pool removal permit
  • We drain your pool for you, safely and without environmental impact
  • We remove your pool’s shell and dispose of it safely
  • We cap off your sewer, electric and gas lines
  • We fill your pool with the right mix of soil, gravel, and topsoil
  • We tamp and level the ground for you
  • We pick up all debris and remove it from your property

If you’re ready for a simple, stress-free pool demolition in Los Gas, reach out to us at Bay Area Pool Removal.

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City Requirements for Swimming Pool Removal in Los Gatos

Each city has its own requirements when it comes to removing swimming pools. The city of Los Gatos requires:

  • A completely building permit application
  • Three sets of site plans that show property lines, structures, the location of the pool, and setback dimensions to structures and property lines
  • Site plans must show existing and proposed utility line locations
  • Site plans must show trees by location, diameter, species, the grade at each tree’s base, and any driplines
  • A tree protection plan
  • A construction management plan

There are also specific guidelines for full and partial swimming pool removals, inspection schedules, material storage, material disposal, and the compaction report. Learn more about Los Gatos’ requirements.

While you can try to pull and fulfill all of the permits yourself, our team at Bay Area Pool Demolition can handle 100% of the process for you. You just decide on the date of your pool removal and we’ll handle everything else!

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