swimming pool hazards info graphic

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Preventing and identifying pool hazards is vital. Each year, 3,500 Americans drown in swimming pools, and another 4000 children are hospitalized for near-drowning events. Learning the risks is the first step towards keeping yourself and your family safe.


Improperly stored chlorine can give you a chemical burn. Keep it in a secure container in a cool and dry location where children can’t reach it.

Chemical Mixing

Most pool chemicals are not compatible with one another. Store them separately, handle only one at a time, and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Pool Drains

All pools have powerful drains that, without a cover, can trap you or an object. Install a VGB compliant safety drain cover. Routinely inspect it for damage.

Diving Boards

While fun to jump from, diving boards can be a hazard if you don’t know how to jump. Use diving boards sober and jump outwards from the edge.

Spilled Beverages

Spilled drinks can cause someone to slip. They may hit their head and fall into the pool, which is a serious drowning risk. Clean up spills immediately.

Unused Equipment

Abandoned pool toys are tripping hazards too. Always put them away if they aren’t being used, and keep two feet around the edge of the pool clear.

Swimming Alone

Even adults are at risk when they swim alone. Find a swimming buddy. Also, designate someone to watch the children every second they’re near the pool.


Lightning is attracted to water. Once you hear thunder, you should leave the pool, and wait thirty minutes after the weather has cleared to swim again.

The Sun

Even 15 minutes without proper sunscreen protection can damage your skin. Choose a sunscreen that offers at least SPF 15 and reapply it every two hours.


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By: Bay Area Pool Demolition