Pool Removal in San Leandro

For many homeowners in San Leandro, pool removal is a smart decision that lowers their monthly bills for the long-term. Imagine not having to fix broken pumps, buy five types of pool chemicals, or spend your summer afternoons skimming the pool. Removing your pool entirely will save you money and time.

Homeowners also choose to remove their pools because they bring a lot of legal risk. You never know what the neighborhood kids are up to, and you may be held liable if they get into your pool and get hurt. Of course, your own children can get into just as much trouble in a pool, and so can your pets.

Do you or your kids really use the pool often enough for it to be worth all of this hassle and risk? If you’re not sure, it’s time to look into pool removal.

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excavator grading and compacting soil

How Do You Remove a Pool?

Our professional pool removal team will have your pool gone in a single visit. We drain your pool, remove and dispose of its tile, concrete, or other materials, and back-fill the hole with clean-fill dirt. After we’re done, you have level, solid ground where your pool was. You’ll be surprised at how big your backyard will look, and you can start building something on that spot, like a shed or garden, right away.

Why Choose Professional Pool Removal?

Why not remove your pool yourself, or get a handy neighbor to do it? We make it sound simple, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, a lot can go wrong. Pool removal actually requires a permit, heavy equipment, and a great deal of expertise.

  • Without a permit for your pool removal, you will struggle to sell your home.
  • Your pool removal must pass an inspection from California officials.
  • The heavy equipment used to remove the tile and concrete is dangerous, and you may hurt yourself with it.
  • The sewer, water and electrical lines leading to the pool must be capped by someone with electrical and plumbing expertise, or they are a serious safety risk.
  • General contractors may not know how to dispose of your pool’s water or materials properly, leaving you with a mess.
  • The hole must be backfilled with gravel, clean dirt, the exact mix will depend on how much of your pool was removed. If this is done improperly, you may create a mud pool.
  • The ground must be tamped and graded so it drains water properly and can be built on.
backyard landscaping in San Leandro after demolishing a 20 foot fiberglass swimming pool

What Does the City of San Leandro Require for Pool Demolition?

While cities like Hayward and Fremont publicly post specific pool removal requirements, the city of San Leandro only publishes requirements for general demolition projects. However, at least 65% of nonhazardous demolition waste created in San Leandro must be recycled, and the process must be tracked with Green Halo Systems or a recycling facility that complies with the 2016 California Green Building Standards Code. Afterward, all recycling receipts must be submitted to an inspector before the permit can be finalized.

The Mud Pool Problem

You might be wondering, what’s the worst that could happen if you just fill your pool up with dirt? Well, the pool will prevent rain from draining properly. Water will be stuck in that dirt, and it will become a mud pool. It’s a huge mess, and it’s very dangerous, because you may step on the ground without realizing it’s wet, and you’ll sink in. If your pool was deep, you could drown in this mud pool. Then, trying to remove this pool will be much more expensive and time-consuming than just getting the pool removed in the first place.

If you’re ready to stop paying maintenance costs on your pool and want a long-term solution, contact us for professional pool removal in San Leandro.

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