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Pool Demolition in San Ramon

When you decide you want to remove your old pool and reclaim your backyard, you’re probably in a hurry to get the process done and over with. That’s understandable, but it’s important to make sure you understand pool demolition in San Ramon because there are certain pool demolition requirements you need to follow.

We don’t recommend anyone try to remove their inground pool themselves. Too many things can go wrong and chances are, you’ll end up having to call someone in to redo or finish the job.

pool demolition in San Ramon

Swimming Pool Demolition Requirements

Most cities have specific requirements for swimming pool demolition that you’ll need to follow. This is true for pool demolition in San Ramon, too. The city has dedicated guidelines telling you the step-by-step requirements for removing a pool.

For pool demolition in San Ramon, you have to first provide plans showing where your swimming pool is in relation to other structures and property lines. Then you’ll need to submit a preliminary report from a licensed engineer or geologist that outlines the process of removing the pool.

You will need a demolition permit before you begin the pool demolition process. When you’re demolishing the pool, you’ll need to meet the city’s minimum requirements such as back filling the hole with ¾ to 6 inches of gravel before any dirt is added.

You’ll also need inspections during the process so the city can see the bottom removal and disconnect of electrical and gas lines. When all is finished, you’ll need a final inspection with a soils report compaction.

We Make Pool Demolition in San Ramon Easy

Our team knows the entire process and any swimming pool demolition requirements that San Ramon and surrounding areas require because we’ve been demolishing pools for years. We take the time to get the permits and schedule the inspections so you don’t have to worry about managing any of that. From start to finish, you can count on us to remove your pool and reclaim your yard.

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We Serve San Ramon and Surrounding Areas

We remove a lot of swimming pools in the San Ramon area, but we also cover the entire Bay Area. Some of the popular areas we visit often are:

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