Pool Demolition in Cupertino

We live in a family-friendly neighborhood, so it’s no wonder that many people are turning to pool demolition in Cupertino. While a pool may have once been a luxury (for those willing to pay its constant maintenance costs), busy modern life has made pools feel more like a hassle. It can be tough to keep pets and children safe from the pool, even when you have a fence installed. Wouldn’t it be nice to let your kids out into the backyard without supervision or stress again?

That’s just one reason that many people are getting their backyard pools demolished and replaced with a feature that works for their family, whether it’s an outdoor kitchen or home addition. Learn more about why people choose pool removal and what it entails.

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Pool Safety Issues

Unfortunately, pools lead to many accidents, near-drownings and deaths every year. If you’re the parent of young children, you’re probably most concerned about a curious child sneaking into the pool when you’re not looking. Or, maybe you’re concerned about liability if you hold your child’s birthday party and a kid gets into the pool when they shouldn’t or isn’t a very strong swimmer.

You also need to be careful with teenagers, who often don’t understand the risk of pools and maybe try to have their friends over in your pool without supervision. The risk is higher if they are drinking. In fact, even adults who have had something to drink can also have pool accidents.

Even if you don’t have children, your pool can increase your liability. Did you know that if teens break into your yard to use the pool and have an accident, you can be held responsible?

How Does Pool Removal Work?

Pool demolition may sound like a messy process, but we take care of everything from securing your removal permits, to removing pool debris and tamping the ground after we’re done. We offer partial and complete pool removals and can show you which is best for your property.

Won’t A Pool Removal Impact My Home Value?

While it’s hard to say for sure how a pool demolition will affect your home specifically, it isn’t necessarily a negative impact. In a city like Cupertino, dominated by families, the lack of a pool can be an asset, instead of a detriment. You’d be surprised by how many people feel the same way you do, that pools are a dangerous safety issue for young children and typically aren’t worth the maintenance and money you need to put into them.

Then, of course, there’s the question of what you do with the space the pool used to take up. You can add new features that cater to the specific buyers in your neighbourhood, making your home a stand-out option on your street. One popular option is to add a home addition or a smaller structure as a home office. Or, cater to retirees with low maintenance gardens.

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