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Why is the trend to demolish backyard pools sweeping through Union City? While they were once a luxurious home improvement, popular opinion is beginning to turn against private pools. From the cost and hassle to liability and environmental issues, there are many reasons to ditch your pool and put something more valuable and functional in your backyard instead.

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Why Demolish Your Pool?

Backyard pools impact us and our communities more than you may realize. Here are some of the reasons people choose to remove their pools.

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  • Environmental impact: Backyard pools contribute to erosion. The chemicals we use can evaporate and harm wildlife. We use a lot of water to keep backyard pools full. Plus, we use a lot of energy to pump and heat the water.
  • Health effects: Exposure to chlorinated water is not great health-wise. Babies may develop asthma from it. So may competitive swimmers, who will also lose tooth enamel. There is a link between chlorinated water and bladder cancer–although research on this impact is still ongoing.
  • Injuries and liability: No matter how many safety precautions you take, there is always the risk that someone gets seriously injured or drowns at your pool. This increases your home insurance costs.
  • Maintenance and repair: If you feel like you spend more time worrying about cleaning, chemicals and repairs than you spend actually in the pool, you’re not alone. Modern life is busy, and we have to prioritize where we spend our time. Is your pool giving you enough benefits to really justify the time you spend on maintenance and repair?
  • Costs: Have you noticed how much your pool’s chemicals, utilities and repairs add up? It’ll be even more if you pay someone to do the cleaning for you. While the cost probably isn’t prohibitive, you have to wonder if you could be spending that money better elsewhere.

Getting your pool removed is a simple process that will save you all of this headache.

Where Will I Swim?

If you remove your pool, what will you do when you want to go swimming? With the fantastic amenities available in Union City, you don’t have to worry about where you or the kids will go swimming. Memberships to the Union City Aquatics Center and Centennial Recreation Center are less expensive than pool maintenance anyway.

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Home Value & Pool Replacements

By removing your pool, you will not necessarily see a drop in your home’s value. There are many buyers who seek out homes without pools and may pay a premium for a home without one.

When you remove your pool, you’ll also be reclaiming your yard. You can start using it for something else. By adding one of these features, you may improve the overall value of your home more than a pool could, both in terms of its monetary value and the enjoyment that you get from the space:

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Native xeriscaping or other plants
  • Firepit or fireplace
  • Water foundation or pond
  • Garden beds
  • Deck, patio, or gazebo

If you’re ready for a pool removal in Union City, reach out to us today.

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