Swimming Pool Demolition in Sunnyvale

Not everyone wants a pool. If the kids aren’t interested in swimming, or if they’ve moved out, you could make better use of the space that your pool takes up. Backyard entertaining space is at a premium. Or, perhaps you want to put a shed or workspace in the yard. Maybe it’s time for a rose garden, a bigger barbecue, or a stone oven. Whatever your reason for ditching the swimming pool, turn to the experts at Bay Area Pool Demolition. We’re the convenient option for swimming pool removal in Sunnyvale.

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The Convenient Choice for Swimming Pool Removal

When you get your swimming pool removed by Bay Area Pool Demolition, you don’t have to worry about a single detail. We take care of everything, and we’ll do it on your schedule.

Our comprehensive pool removal services include:

  • Obtain the pool removal permit
  • Drain the pool for you
  • Cap all electrical, water and sewer lines
  • Remove and dispose of pool’s shell (how much depends on the type of removal)
  • Remove and dispose of all electrical components, including from the breaker box
  • Backfill the hole with clean fill dirt and/or gravel (depending on the type of removal)
  • Fill the last two feet with clean dirt
  • Grade the dirt, so it’s ready to be built on

We offer complete, expert pool removal that general contractors just don’t have the experience or equipment to perform. When we’re done with your yard, you’ll be able to build a structure where the pool once sat. Getting that pool out of the ground is as simple as giving us a call and setting a time.

Sunnyvale’s Pool Demolition Requirements

Each city in the Bay Area sets its own requirements for swimming pool demolition, and Sunnyvale is no different.

Sunnyvale’s requirements include:

  • A general demolition permit
  • drilling requirements for partial fill-ins
  • Drainage to a sanitary sewer clean out
  • Utility capping
  • Removal of all electrical equipment
  • Two city inspections

If you’re planning on building on top of a full removal, we will also need to submit a geotechnical report prepared by a soils engineer.

Working with city permits can be a challenge for a homeowner, which is why the team at Bay Area Pool Demolition will be happy to handle the process for you.

Disadvantages of General Contractors for Pool Removal

In the short term, general contractors may seem like the inexpensive choice for pool removal in Sunnyvale. However, few general contractors provide all of the services you need to remove a pool properly. Instead, you’ll find that work has been left undone, and you’ll have to make a second call, to the experts, to truly get your pool removed. Who has time for that?

General contractors may waste your time by:

  • Not removing the pool shell, or enough of the pool shell, leaving behind a muddy mess
  • Failing to secure a pool removal permit, which will spell trouble when it’s time to sell your home
  • Not removing every part of the pool’s electrical system, meaning you’ll have to call an electrician
  • Failing to backfill the pool with proper clean dirt or gravel simply because they’re not sure which your pool needs

Pool removal may seem like a straightforward task, but only professionals bring the equipment and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

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