Pool Demolition in Pleasanton

The hottest home improvement project in Pleasanton is pool demolition. How can removing your pool increase your home value, or help you enjoy your home more? It’s simple. Many homeowners are discovering that maintaining a pool is too much hassle. It’s a safety risk, it needs constant maintenance, and it can increase insurance costs. Instead, get your pool demolished and use that space for a better backyard feature that you or the kids will use more often.

pool demolition in Pleasanton
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Simple Pool Demolition

To get a pool demolition, all you have to do is call us. We take care of every step of the process, including permits, disposal and grading. Our pool demolition process includes:

  • We provide a full consultation to explain the process, costs, and timeline of your demolition
  • We acquire pool removal permits and review all relevant local guidelines
  • We drain the pool, putting excess water into the sewers or a liquid truck is necessary
  • We remove and dispose of the pool’s tile, concrete, or other materials
  • We remove all electrical components, including breaker box
  • We cap all sewer, electrical and water lines running to the pool
  • We backfill the pool with clean fill dirt and two inches of topsoil
  • We tamp and grade the ground, so it’s a level, steady foundation

We do all of the work, and you sit back and enjoy your new yard!

What’s A Partial Pool Demolition?

A professional pool demolition team can give you a full or partial pool removal. A partial pool removal will leave more pieces of your old pool in the ground, while still removing the sides. The pool is back-filled with gravel and dirt. You won’t be able to build on top of a partially removed pool. If you’re selling your home in the near future and want to add value to it, it’s probably best to opt for full removal.

Upgrade Your Home

Not everyone likes pools, buyers included. If you might sell your home in the near future, a pool removal might make financial sense. Not only can you attract buyers who prefer not to maintain pools, but you can also make use of that space to add value to your home (or just for you to enjoy). Consider these options:

  • Playgrounds: Young families love big backyards with slides or climbing frames. Plus, few mothers want to worry about a pool when they have an adventurous toddler.
  • Outdoor entertaining: With your pool demolished, you could have a lot more seating in your yard, so you can entertain more people. Add a fire pit, and you have a rustic relaxation spot that all buyers would love.
  • Food: Barbeques, stone ovens, rotisserie pits, smokers, the list of backyard cooking options goes on and on. Find out why outdoor cooking is exploding in popularity.
  • Garden: Not only does a new garden add a peaceful ambiance to your backyard, retirees often desire large gardens, but don’t want to do the work to put them in. Adding a garden can increase your home’s appeal to seniors.
mom and her baby playing backyard after a pool demolition

We suggest you speak to a real estate agent to discover which upgrade will help attract the right buyers for your home, or which upgrade will add the most value to your property. Then, when you’re ready to get your pool demolished in Pleasanton, contact Bay Area Pool Removal.

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