Safe and Trustworthy Pool Demolition in Los Altos

Having an in ground pool on your property may end up being more upkeep and costs in maintenance than you care to continue with. You may instead want that part of your lawn back, or want to place a patio in the pool’s area.

We can help with that. Our team has years of experience when it comes to safe and trustworthy pool demolition services in Los Altos and surrounding areas. We can take care of the entire process from planning and permit requests, to complete demolition and clean-up afterwards.

Instead of dealing with the regular hassles, maintenance, and upkeep costs of a pool you don’t get much use out of, give us a call and let us remove the pool from your property.

a safe and trustworthy pool demolition will be done by our team in Los Altos
compacting the old pool location with dirt

Your Local Pool Demolition Experts

Not only does our team offer a full range of demolition services for your in ground pool, we also have years of experience in doing so. Our team is fully insured, licensed, and inspected. We maintain our own tools and equipment for jobs of all sizes.

When it comes to offering the highest quality pool removal services to property owners in and around Los Altos, we strive to be the best. Throughout each project our team will work closely with you to ensure you get updates every step of the way. We’ll handle the entire process from locating and marking underground utilities and obtaining permits, to the full demolition and clean up service afterwards.

Promises We Make

Absolute Reliability

When our team sets a schedule with you, we keep it! We understand everyone has a busy life and things to do. We will get on your property and get started when we say we will. Not the next day, not a week later, that exact day. The sooner we get our job underway, the sooner we can complete it and let you start renovating your new lawn space.

Complete Transparency

We know some other companies will add on hidden charges or do things without your knowledge. We aren’t like that. Our team takes pride in offering full transparency throughout the entire project. If we run into any surprises along the way, you will be immediately notified and can decide how you want us to proceed.

Top Tier Safety

Safety is not something we put on the back burner, it’s our number one focus. Not only do we want to keep our team safe, but we also want to keep you and your property safe as well. Throughout the pool demolition service, we will check and double check to make sure no underground utilities will be damaged, and will be very careful so we don’t damage your property.

Final Touches

After the pool demolition project is done, we won’t leave you with a pile of concrete and other debris to clean up. Our team can handle that as well. We’ll haul away the debris so you don’t even have to worry about it yourself.

Are You Ready?