Pool Demolition in Richmond

There’s more pool demolition in Richmond than ever before. Homeowners are choosing to close their pools for good because they spend more time buying chemicals, cleaning, and repairing the pool than they spend in it!

Have your children have grown bored of the pool? Or has a neighborhood accident has made you rethink the legal risk of owning a pool? There are plenty of other good reasons to get your pool demolished.

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What is Your Pool Costing You?

1. Time

A pool requires a lot of maintenance work, and it’s not always economical to hire someone to do it for you. Homeowners we’ve spoken to say that they get tired of finding the right chemicals to fix their pool’s problems. It also takes time to clean the filter and skim the pool’s surface. It’s easy to get behind on maintenance. When you do, you’ll end up spending time getting the pool repaired instead.

2. Money

The chemicals, maintenance, and repairs that plague pools also cost a great deal of money. Plus, by running the pump, filter, and heater, you increase your utility bills. If you tally up what you spend on your pool yearly, you may be surprised. It’s certainly enough to buy you and your family a pass to a public pool, or have other fun experiences that don’t waste your time or cause you stress.

3. Stress

Those who own a pool know that they must keep a close eye on their children and pets when they are near the pool, as they can get injured or drown. Plus, when you have people over in your pool, especially for children’s birthday parties, there’s always the chance an accident could happen, and you could be held liable.

There are also health and environmental impacts of pools to worry about. Chlorine pools can increase a child’s risk of asthma and harm their teeth. The same chemicals in your pool can end up in nearby water supplies and nature reserves. Not to mention that exposure to pool water can wreak havoc on your own landscaping.

Use pool demolition to save money, free up your time, and make your own backyard a stress-free zone once more.

How to Prepare For Your Pool Removal

If you’re sold on pool demolition, there are a few things you should do before the professionals arrive.

  • Collect stray pool toys so that you can sell them
  • Uninstall pool equipment that you want to sell (they are quite valuable)
  • Collect pool chemicals and dispose of them safely
  • Move outdoor furniture to the side so we can access the pool

On the other hand, you don’t have to stress yourself out about your pool demolition. Don’t worry about:

  • Getting a pool removal license
  • Draining the pool
  • Organizing for a debris dumpster
  • Sourcing dirt or gravel to fill in the pool
  • Renting equipment to flatten the ground

We’ll take care of all of that! If you choose Bay Area Pool Demolition for your pool demolition in Richmond, you won’t have to worry about any of the logistics. After all, pool demolition is meant to reduce your stress and save you time!

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