Swimming Pool Removal in Danville, CA

Professional Pool Removal Services

Swimming pool removal in Danville is a booming industry. Why? Homeowners are beginning to feel that the safety and environmental risks out weigh the enjoyment they get from the pool. Plus, busy professionals and parents don’t have the time to monitor pool chemicals, scrub the pool clean, or make sure the pool gets closed and opened properly.

If you’re considering getting your pool removed, you’ll see many benefits of hiring a professional.  We’ve been removing swimming pools for years and we have the knowledge and training necessary to make swimming pool removal easy. When you contact us, we will come look at your swimming pool and discuss removal options and help you make an informed decision about how to proceed. We take pride in every one of our swimming pool removal jobs and love helping our clients reclaim their yard.

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Why Remove Your Pool?

There are many reasons for wanting to remove a pool from your yard.  Perhaps the kids have grown and no one uses it, or you just don’t want the upkeep anymore. Here are all of the factors you can say good bye to after you remove your pool:

  • Pool Safety: Kids love swimming, but swimming pools are one of the biggest hazards for young children. Even safety gates and pool covers don’t completely fix the problem.
  • Supervision: When you have a pool, you need to keep an extra eye on the pets and the children. Despite laws mandating safety features and fences around pools, 350 children drown per year in the United States, and many more have permanent injuries from near-drowning.
  • Liability: Drowning isn’t the only thing to worry about. Pools increase the risk of accidents and injuries on your property. You could be held liable if someone is hurt in your pool.
  • Reclaim your yard: Your backyard should accommodate your lifestyle. If you don’t use your pool like you used to, maybe an outdoor kitchen, play area, or lanai would be a better choice.
  • Pool chemicals: Which pool chemicals do you need? Chlorine, bromine, pH up, pH down, algaecide, or pool cleaners? Choosing, buying and storing these chemicals safely is a hassle. Never mind that you may also have to use one or the other on a daily basis just to keep your pool healthy.
  • Pool repair: Occasionally, something goes wrong and your pool, or some part of it, needs to be repaired, replaced, or deep-cleaned. From the filtration and diving-board to the pool pump, it’s easy to overlook just how many parts there are to even a basic swimming pool. Even if you hire someone else to do this for you, it’s still a hassle to arrange and pay for pool repairs.
  • Pool-related costs: Speaking of money, buying pool chemicals can be expensive. Your pool also uses a lot of water and electricity, inflating your utility bills. Pool service, pool cleaning, pool cover repairs, algae treatment, pool heater maintenance, repairing damaged pool liner, and balancing your water chemistry all add up. Whether you have a inground pool, and above ground pool, or any kind of pool and spa, pool maintenance costs add up quickly.
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We remove it all

In ground pools

Pools and spas

Above ground pools

Pool deck

Viny liner pools

Fiberglass pools

Pool pumps

Pool heaters

And more

Your pool also costs you time, as you shop for chemicals, clean it, and call in professionals to fix or maintain it. In our busy modern world, our time is precious. What could you be doing with your time instead of caring for your pool?

You get eliminate all of this stress from your life today by getting your pool removed.

Help the Environment

Recently, researchers have been focusing on the environmental impacts of pools. It turns out that backyard pools have several negative effects on the health of our planet, including:

  • Chemical exposure: Pool water chemicals evaporate and end up hurting nearby wildlife and good bacteria.
  • Erosion: Especially if a pool is emptied during a rain, the water overflow contributes to erosion of nearby coastline, lakes and rivers.
  • Wasted water: Especially in Danville, and other areas of California, pool water is a big luxury when there are water restrictions.

A Stress-Free Pool Removal

We think of pool removal as a way to benefit you, your family, and the environment. That’s why we strive to make your pool removal as simple and stress-free as possible. Our professionals come fully prepared, and handle every aspect of your pool removal from getting a permit to filling in your pool properly. We also are serious about responsible material removal for fiberglass pool liners, pool patios, and other built-in pool equipment.

Our professionals are highly-trained and care about our client’s safety. We will make sure that your pool’s electrical and sewer lines are properly capped, that your pool water is disposed of in an environmentally-conscious way, and that we leave your yard clean.

Choose us to remove your pool in Danville and you can start enjoying the stress reduction right away!

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Thorough Pool Removal Services

Getting a pool removed requires a lot of planning and specific knowledge in order to achieve ideal results. Bay Area Pool Demolition has that knowledge and experience necessary to remove your pool with expertise. Our services encompass every aspect of the removal, including:

  • Initial surveillance and planning
  • Obtaining proper permits
  • Removal of pool shell and disposal of materials
  • Capping of electric, sewer, and water lines
  • Backfilling the hole with clean dirt
  • Compacting of soil
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Why Hire a Professional for Pool Removal?

Instead of asking why hire a professional for pool removal – the real question should be why not? Pool demolition is a job that can be complex and complicated. It’s not something most homeowners want to tackle because of the number of things that can go wrong and the equipment you might need.

When you hire Bay Area Pool Demolition, you are getting a company who has more than 40 years of experience with making yards beautiful. Even when that means pool demolition. Unless you are dealing with an above ground pool, pool removal is not something you should attempt.

Danville requires specific inspections and guidelines for pool removal.  We are aware of those regulations and will be able to comply every step of the way.

Requirements for Swimming Pool Demolition in Danville

The following is a partial list of the requirements in Danville:

  • A permit is required for the removal of an in-ground swimming pool or spa.
  • Contact the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, (CCCSD) prior to draining pool water into the
    sanitary sewer system.
  • Do not drain into a street, gutter or storm drain.
  • If you are on a septic system, contact the CCCSD prior to draining the pool.
  • A plot plan indication.