Pool Removal in Pleasant Hill

How often do you and your children really use the pool? If you compare the value your family gets from the pool with how much time, energy and money you need to sink into it, you may be surprised. That’s why more and more people are looking into pool removal in Pleasant Hill. You can demolish your pool and put something in its place that you’ll actually benefit from, and that won’t cost you so much in maintenance and repairs. Here’s what you need to know about pool removals.

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How Does Pool Removal Work?

The whole point of getting a pool removal is to make your life easier. We think the process of the removal should be simple too. We take care of every aspect of your pool demolition to ensure it is legal and safe. Here’s our pool removal process:

a drained pool being demolished
  • We secure a pool removal permit from Pleasant Hill’s permit office
  • We set a date that’s convenient for you to do the removal
  • We start by draining the pool of water, disposing of the water without negatively impacting the environment and according to local laws
  • We remove the pool shell and dispose of it safely and responsibly
  • We safely cap off the pool’s sewer, electric and gas lines
  • We fill the hole where your pool was with clean dirt
  • We level and tamp the ground to ensure it is safe
  • We may provide a geotechnical report prepare by a soils engineer when required or requested

If you’re curious about any of the details of the pool removal process or what you can do with the ground when we’re done, reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.

The Hazards of DIY Pool Removal

Why not try to remove your pool yourself? Or, hire a general contractor to do it for you? Unfortunately, pool removal requires some expertise to do safely and in a way that satisfies your local building code. Even if you don’t mind risking a less than professional pool removal, the next owners of your home may try to hold you liable if something goes wrong for them.

When a pool removal isn’t completed properly, here are some potential problems:

  • Mudpuddle: It sounds harmless, but it isn’t. If your pool isn’t removed properly or doesn’t have the right mix of gravel and soil added, it may retain moisture instead of draining it away. When this happens, you can create a pit of mud that people can sink into and potentially drown.
  • Unstable ground: Even if you don’t develop a mud puddle, improper removal can leave the ground where the pool was unsteady. This becomes a problem if you build something on it.
  • Utilities: You may also run into problems if the utilities that run to the pool, such as water, electrical and gas, are not capped off properly.
  • Permit issues: If you or your contractor do not get a permit for pool removal, you could see consequences from the permit office.
mud puddle created because of improper pool removal

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