Pool Demolition in Livermore

Pool demolition in Livermore is giving homeowners back their yards and peace of mind. It’s cutting water costs and creating safer homes. More homeowners than ever are choosing the peace of not having a pool, not spending money and time on pool chemicals, and avoiding the headache of maintenance and repairs. And, more homeowners are choosing to put great home features where their pool stood that truly add value to their lives. Getting your pool demolished is simple.

pool demolition in Livermore is under way

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Your Pool

To understand if pool demolition is worthwhile for you, consider how much you benefit from your pool. How many hours a month does anyone swim in it? Do you hold pool parties as often as you thought you would? Have the kids outgrown the pool? If going to a public pool instead would be an option for you, determine how much that would cost and compare that to the costs of having your pool.

The next step is to add up the costs. Don’t forget to include these costs:

  • Pool chemicals
  • Pool cleaning
  • Pool repairs (average this out over a year)
  • Buying and maintaining pool safety equipment
  • Increase in water bills
  • Increase in electrical and other utility costs
  • Increase in home insurance

Don’t forget to include the time you spend cleaning, repairing, closing and opening your pool or the time and money you spend getting someone else to do it. For many people, this cost-benefit analysis will reveal that they spend much more time and money on their pool than they thought, and perhaps that they don’t enjoy it enough to justify the cost.

A Convenient Pool Demolition

The whole point of getting rid of your pool is to make your life more convenient. That’s why we handle every aspect of your pool demolition in a convenient schedule that works for you. We’re clear and honest every step of the way and will get started once you’ve signed off on the project. You can expect us to:

  • Handle the permits: The government requires permits for pool demolitions.
  • Cap your utilities and sewer: Your pool has water, drainage, electrical and maybe also gas lines running to it, which need to be capped for safety.
  • Remove debris: The actual pool removal creates debris that needs to be removed and disposed of properly.
  • Fill the hole: Depending on the kind of pool removal you’ve had, we will fill the hole with the appropriate materials, including gravel and dirt.
  • Compact the soil: In order to be walked or built upon, your ground will need to be tamped down to provide solid footing.
backyard relaxation after the pool was removed

Have Questions About Your Pool Demolition?

The type of pool demolition you should get, and the final cost will depend on your pool’s materials, depth, local codes, and what you want to do with the ground after your pool is gone. If you want to learn more about the removal or get an honest estimate about what yours will cost, ask us.

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