Pool Removal in Martinez

We are getting more frequent calls for pool removal in Martinez. Why? There are many advantages of getting your pool removed, from lowering your utility costs to eliminating the hassle of maintaining and repairing the pool. Discover the other benefits of removing your pool and discover the rules that your pool removal company has to follow in Martinez.

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The Benefits of Pool Removal

Families, busy professionals, and retirees can all benefit from getting their pool removed. Here are just a few of the ways:

benefits of pool removal
  • Forget maintenance: Pool maintenance can be a ton of work. There are a dozen chemicals you need. Remembering to test and balance the pool weekly or more often is a hassle. Paying someone else to do it costs you, so why not just get rid of the pool entirely?
  • Reduce your costs: Pools cost you in water and electricity. Maintenance, repairs, new parts, chemicals, safety equipment, and more will also drive up your yearly pool bill. Cut all of those costs and spend the money somewhere else.
  • Lower your liability: What happens if someone has an accident in or near your pool? Or, if teenagers break in to use your pool? There are many liability issues with pools. You may even reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance policy if you remove your pool.
  • Eliminate health effects: Pool water has some effects on human health that might concern you. Babies and competitive swimmers may develop asthma from chlorinated water. Your teeth may lose enamel from the water. It has also been linked to bladder cancer.
  • Be better to the environment: Our use of pools is also connected to many negative environmental impacts. This includes wasting precious water, using fossil fuels, and eroding soil. Pool chemical exposure is also bad for wildlife and beneficial bacteria in the soil.

Rules for Pool Removal in Martinez

If you want a pool removal in Martinez, you’re in luck. We have one of the less restrictive rules around pool removal. You are allowed to build things on top of partial removals, allowing you to build a shed, garage, patio, or other structure where your pool was for less. That is, so long as you have a geotechnical engineer to design and verify the back-fill. We can handle that and every other aspect of your pool removal. Here’s what we can do to meet the pool demolition guidelines:

  • Get the demotion permit for your pool removal
  • Create the plot plan for the removal
  • Schedule the first inspection for after the holes have been drilled into the pool
  • Schedule the second and last inspection after the work is completed
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Choose Us for Pool Removal

The whole point of a pool removal is to simplify your life. So, we won’t add extra hassle during the removal process. We have a straightforward plan, do everything legally and according to local guidelines, and can complete your pool demolition quickly and properly.

Reach out to us today to discuss your questions about pool removal in Martinez.

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