Pool Removal in San Mateo

Many people have chosen pool removal in San Mateo to reclaim their yard. Whether you just moved into a home with a pool or have long lived in a home with a pool, you might be revaluating if the pool is truly worthwhile. There are many obvious and hidden costs of pool ownership, from buying chemicals and spending time on cleaning to an increased cost of home insurance. Discover the total costs of pool ownership and consider whether you should get yours removed.

with a pool removal in San Mateo you can reclaim your yard

The Costs of Pool Ownership

In a handful of little ways, your pool costs you in time, money, and stress. Have you ever considered how much your pool costs you in these three areas?

stress is a big factor when owning a swimming pool
  • Time: If you handle your pool maintenance yourself, then it costs you a great deal of time. You have to open the pool, test weekly, buy chemicals, add chemicals, clean, arrange for repairs, and close the pool. You could spend all of that time on something else.
  • Money: You may pay someone to handle your pool for you, but this costs money. And, a pool can cost a great deal of money in other ways. You have to fill the pool with water, run the pump, filter and heater. These all cost you in utilities. Then you have to buy a handful of different chemicals, testing strips and pool accessories. You also likely pay more for your home insurance because your pool increases your liability.
  • Stress: In many ways, your pool adds to your stress. You know that you need to watch for children and pets near the pool all of the time, not just during parties. Plus, adults have been known to have accidents near pools as well. There are health and environmental impacts of pools that you might worry about. Chlorine pools can harm children’s teeth and lungs, and adults who use pools regularly can experience the same. Pool water can hurt the environment when you dispose of it or the more local environment by releasing chlorine into it.

When you consider it all, is your pool still worthwhile to you?

How to Prepare for Pool Removal in San Mateo

If your pool isn’t worthwhile to you anymore, what should you expect from a pool removal? We can take care of the whole thing for you, unlike general contractors who may not understand the full scope of work required for proper pool removal.

You can prepare for your pool removal by doing the following:

  • Collect pool toys to clean the area (and to sell them)
  • Uninstall pool equipment you’d like to sell (they are valuable)
  • Collect and dispose of pool chemicals safely
  • Move outdoor furniture so that we can access the pool

However, you don’t have to worry about these aspects of pool demolition because we will handle them:

  • Get a pool removal permit of license
  • Draining the pool or disposing of the water
  • Organizing for a dumpster for debris
  • Sourcing gravel and dirt to fill the hole
  • Renting equipment to demolish, fill and tamp
rented equipment for pool demolition

Questions About Pool Removal?

Before you get your pool removal in San Mateo, reach out to us with your questions. We’re always happy to help our clients better understand the process, so they can make informed decisions about their homes and landscaping.

Are You Ready?