Swimming Pool Demolition in Walnut Creek

Looking for a home improvement project in Walnut Creek? Pool demolition can actually increase your home value, not to mention save you money, and reduce your stress. If you’re tired of cleaning, closing, and opening your pool, and wish you had a better backyard feature, it’s time to consider pool demolition.

a swimming pool scheduled for demolition

Why Do People in Walnut Creek Want to Remove their Swimming Pools?

Why are your neighbors in Walnut Creek getting their pool demolished? There are many reasons, including:

demolishing a swimming pool in Walnut Creek and compacting the soil
  1. Save time: Cleaning, repairing, and maintaining a pool takes a lot of your time. Even if you’re simply orchestrating someone else to do the work for you, you’re probably too busy to make sure they’re doing a good job.
  2. Kids have grown: If your kids have grown up and don’t enjoy using the pool anymore, or aren’t at home to use it anyway, why keep it around? If they only use the pool occasionally, a public pool might be a smarter solution.
  3. Stop worrying: Young children and pets are in danger near pools. Unfortunately, many drown per year in the U.S., and even near-drowning experiences can have a serious impact on a child’s brain and health.
  4. Reduce environmental impact: Pool water is a big hazard for nearby wildlife and nature reserves. Chlorine and other pool chemicals evaporate from pool water, which is why you have to keep adding them.
  5. Lower utility bills: Those who are truly rich keep track of every penny. Don’t inflate your utility bills unless you feel like your pool really improves your life.
  6. Health concerns: Chlorinated pool water can harm your lungs and teeth. Even saltwater pools have chlorine in the water. A special filtermakes the chlorine from salt.
  7. Wasted water: In areas with drought conditions, a pool is a huge waste of water. It’s easier to stay under your water limit and reduce your environmental impact without a pool.

Removing Your Swimming Pool can Boost Your Home’s Value

How big is your backyard? Do you have all of the amenities you’d like in your yard? Chances are, the pool takes up a huge portion of your yard. That space could be put to much better use.

By extending your living space into your yard, or making an entertainment area, you can boost your home value. Not to mention that these amenities are often more fun and less expensive than pools!

Bocce court installed in Walnut Creek after removing an old swimming poolHere are a few backyard amenities you could add after your pool demolition:

  • New garage or shed
  • Separate office space (great for those who work at home)
  • More gardening space
  • Playground for young kids
  • Outdoor entertaining space
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Barbecues, smokers, stone ovens
  • Fire pit, complete with rotisserie
  • Lawn space for kid’s play

If you want to ensure your new addition will boost your home value, talk to a real estate agent who is experienced in your area. If you’d rather just create a space for your enjoyment, the possibilities are endless.

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The Cost of Swimming Pool Removal in Walnut Creek

The cost of your swimming pool removal can vary greatly, depending on a few key factors:

  • How much area does your pool cover?
  • How deep is your pool?
  • How extensive is the hardscape around your pool?
  • How accessible is your pool by truck or bobcat?
  • What materials make up your pool?
  • Do you have extensive lighting or electrical work involved with your pool?
  • How close do utility lines run to your pool?

If you’re ready to find out how much your pool removal job will cost, contact us today for a free estimate.

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