Pool Demolition Monterey

In Monterey, we already deal with high costs for housing. Many homeowners are finding that it’s not with inflating those costs with pool maintenance and repair. Instead, pool demolition in Monterey can save you money, reduce your liability, and save you from spending time cleaning and caring for your pool.

Your home is valuable, but your pool can make it a liability. You never know what the local kids are up to, and if they break into your pool you could be held responsible. Then there’s your own children to think about. When near pools, children need constant supervision to ensure they’re safe. Despite parent’s best efforts, children will drown or suffer serious injuries from near-drowning.

Pool removal is a quick process that will end your worries about your pool and free up more of your time and money.

our team is ready to start on a pool demolition in Monterey
Martinez is working on the final touches after the pool removal

What is Pool Removal?

Pool removal might look involved but it’s a simple process that, with the right equipment, professionals can finish in a day. A complete pool demolition involves:

  • Securing a pool removal permit
  • Emptying the pool of water
  • Removing the liner, concrete, tile, or other materials used in the pool
  • Uninstalling the electrical components and pumps
  • Capping all electrical lines, sewer lines and gas lines that lead to the pool

After the pool is removed, we still need to fill in the hole in the ground! A special mix of gravel, clean fill dirt and top soil will ensure that your yard drains properly. We also tamp and grade the ground, ensuring that it is level and stable so you can build your next yard project on it.

By the way, that’s another benefit of pool removal. Once that pool is gone, you can use the space it once hogged for a garden, patio, shed, or even workspace.

Enriching Swim Spots & Nature Experiences in Monterey

There’s so much beauty in Monterey, it’s almost magical. You don’t need a pool in your backyard to take a swim. Instead, there are more enriching experiences around the corner, whether in the water or not. The best part is that you won’t have to clean a pool! Some of our favorite spots in town include:

  • Monterey Sports Center: In our line of work, we see a lot of pools. We always find that this facilities’ two pools are well-maintained and clean. Plus, they have men and women’s saunas!
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium: If you’re looking for an ocean experience but you don’t want to get wet, the Aquarium is a great choice. There’s lots of educational material for the kids.
  • Jack’s Peak Park: It’s a little out of the way, but this park is spectacular, featuring fossils, forests, and an amazing view.

Call the Professionals for Pool Demolition in Monterey

If you’re convinced you’d be happier and a little richer without your pool, contact Bay Area Pool Demolition. With only one call from you, we’ll take care of everything you need, from securing a pool permit to hauling your old pool pieces off-site. That’s why we’re the preferred choice for pool demolition in Monterey.

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