Pool Demolition in Santa Clara

We offer proper pool demolition in Santa Clara for homeowners who are ready to free themselves from their backyard pool. Instead of a refreshing oasis, many people find that their pool is an annoyance that costs them too much time and money. With the constant maintenance, expensive repairs, and even impacts on our health and environment, more people in Santa Clara are choosing to demolish their pool and put something else they’d genuinely enjoy in that space.

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How Pools Affect Our Health

Few people realize that backyard pools affect our personal health and the health of our environment. It’s not just about sunburns, drowning, or slipping near the pool. The latest research has found that pools can give you diseases, and children are particularly impacted. The health impacts of pool use include:

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  • Asthma risk:Babies exposed to the chlorinated water in the pool may develop asthma as a result. The same can happen to competitive swimmers.
  • Dental enamel: Chlorinated pool water can break down tooth enamel over time, which makes teeth more prone to cavities and can even give them a rough texture.
  • Bladder cancer: Pool water has been linked to bladder cancer. Research on this one is early, so we’re not sure how serious this risk is.

Human health isn’t the only thing impacted by our widespread use of backyard pools. Our environment is also impacted, sometimes very seriously, by pool use.

  • Chemical exposure: Chlorine and many other chemicals inside of your pool evaporate into the air. These chemicals end up in the soil and natural bodies of water. Here, they can harm beneficial bacteria and wildlife.
  • Erosion: Improperly discarded pool water contributes to erosion, especially if it is discarded while it’s raining. We take extra steps to ensure that we dispose of your pool water safely.
  • Wasted water: Pools use so much water. In fact, they tend to demand more water when things are driest, and when you might have to deal with water restrictions.

Reduce Your Liability by Removing Your Pool

All of these health problems (as well as the risk of accidents and drownings) makes a pool a risky choice for your backyard. While you may be very safe around the pool, you never know what the neighborhood kids will try. This risk is especially large for rental properties, where you have no idea if your renter will follow proper safety procedures around the pool. Removing your pool can significantly reduce your liability, whether you rent or live on the property. This can also reduce your home insurance rate and even make your home more valuable for those who would buy it as a rental property.

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Why Choose Us for Pool Demolition?

We’re the expert professionals who will ensure that your pool is removed legally and safely. We handle the entire process, from getting permits to safely disposing of water and pool debris. When we’re done removing your pool, you’ll be able to trust that the ground in your yard can be safely walked on or built on.

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