Pool Removal in Concord

Across Concord, swimming pool removal is changing backyards. Parents may not want their young children around pools. Others that find a pool’s maintenance and repair costs just aren’t worth it. Pools also come with some liability issues. You may be worried neighborhood kids will be attracted to your pool, or you may just want to save on insurance costs for your rental property. Whatever your reason, if you’re ready for swimming pool removal in Concord, trust the experts at Bay Area Pool Demolition.

a pool removal in Concord

Why Call Us for your Pool Demolition Needs?

  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We offer free in-home estimates
  • We are five-star rated
  • We have worked with virtually every permit department in the Bay Area
  • We can quickly and effectively remove any kind of swimming pool, including fiberglass, gunite, concrete, tile, and more.
  • We offer full landscape design and build services to replace your swimming pool, saving you time and money
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Professional Pool Removal is The Long-Term Solution

Pool removal will lower your costs permanently, but don’t make the mistake of trying to do it yourself. DIY pool removal is dangerous, and not just to your wallet. For example, if you don’t remove the pool shell properly, water cannot drain from the pool, even if you fill it in with dirt. This will create an enormous mud puddle that is more expensive to remove than the pool would have been. Besides, this unstable mud pond is a huge safety hazard.

Other dangers of DIY pool removal include:

  • Improperly sealing the sewer, gas, and electrical lines, potentially causing a leak or accident.
  • Using the wrong backfill method, so the new ground cannot be safely built on.
  • Failing to drain the water safely, potentially resulting in chlorine damage to lawns, homes or wildlife.
  • Lacking the experience needed to safely handle the heavy machinery required, potentially resulting in an accident or damage to the equipment.

In the end, the safe choice is asking pool removal professionals to handle the job for you. We have the equipment and experience to handle every aspect of the removal process safely and quickly. And that way, once we remove your pool, you never have to worry about it again.

What Does it Cost to Remove a Swimming Pool in Concord?

We understand that you have a budget, so Bay Area Pool Demolition offers free in-home estimates for pool removal. This is a full consultation that covers costs, timeline, and all of your pool removal options.

Ultimately, the cost to remove your pool depends on a few factors:

  • Whether you want a full or partial removal
  • The depth, size, and shape of the pool
  • The materials used to build the pool (granite, tile, etc.)
after a pool was removed in Concord

Need Somewhere to Bring the Kids?

We’ve performed many swimming pool removals in Concord, and have come up with a list of fun places you can go to entertain the kids at while we work. Those who just bought a new home in Concord will be happy to know our city is full of fun places for the kids. And long-time residents, why not visit your favorite spots while we handle the pool?

Pool Removal in Concord from Bay Area Pool Demolition

Contact us at Bay Area Pool Removal for a long-term solution to your swimming pool woes. We’re dedicated to making your pool removal process fast, effective, and safe.

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