Swimming Pool Removal in Hayward

Homeowners in Hayward are removing pools faster than ever. Some residents are concerned about drought or want to cut their water and utility costs. Other people feel like they don’t use their pool enough to justify maintaining it, or are simply tired of making costly repairs.

Whatever your reasons for removing your pool in Hayward, there are a few things you should know before you start planning your new lawn or garden bed.

tile swimming pool ready for removal in Hayward, california
Partially drained swimming pool with polluted water

The Hazards of DIY Pool Removal

Unfortunately, many homeowners believe that getting rid of their pool is as simple as buying some dirt and filling it in. But, if you leave the pool lining and other materials in the ground, they will still hold moisture.

The problem is that water is supposed to keep draining down into the ground until it joins the water table, but the water in an old pool can’t. Instead, a giant mud puddle forms.

This mud puddle is unsightly and, more importantly, a serious safety hazard. You can sink into it and even drown in it, seeing as it’s as deep as your pool used to be.

The mud puddle will be more difficult and costly to remove than the pool. Also, sometimes the pressure from the mud might even push the whole pool out of the ground. That’s a dangerous scenario and not a good solution to get the pool out of the ground.

There are other hazards you might face if you try to remove your own pool. Few homeowners have the know-how and equipment to cap any gas, water, or sewer lines that run to the pool. Most also don’t have the expertise to remove a pool’s electrical equipment—and can shock themselves trying.

The Advantages of Professional Pool Removal

Hiring a professional to remove your pool is definitely the safer route. Professionals have the equipment to remove some parts of the pool and simply fill in the rest with dirt, which can save you some money.

In Hayward and other parts of California, pool removal is not a job you can get done immediately. You need to apply got a permit to remove your pool. On the other hand, if you hire a professional, one big advantage is that they will obtain the permit for you. After all, no one likes to deal with bureaucracy.

compacting soil during a swimming pool demolition job

How Much Does Pool Demolition Cost in Hayward?

We’re always happy to give free on-site estimates, but there are many factors that can greatly affect the cost of your pool demolition project:

  • The type of pool removal (full vs partial fill-in)
  • The pool material (plaster, fiberglass, vinyl, concrete, or gunite)
  • The surface area and depth of the pool
  • The surrounding area and utilities (is there a diving board, a pool cover, a patio, etc.?)
  • The accessibility (can it be accessed by a bobcat? Are there shrubs or trees in the way?)

How Should You Prepare for Swimming Pool Removal in Hayward

There are a few things you should get in order before your pool removal professionals arrive.

A few hours before your pool removal, uninstall any filters or pool parts that you want to sell or recycle. You can make a pretty penny selling even heavily used pool parts.

While you’re out by the pool, check for any stray pool toys. You’ll probably want to keep these for use at the community pool, or at the beach, instead of selling them. Either way, ensure you have them stored safely.

That’s all you have to do to prepare for our arrival. Bay Area Pool Demolition is the safe choice that you can trust for swimming pool removal in Hayward. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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