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Owning your own pool is kind of like owning your own event venue. You might use it a couple of times a year, but doesn’t it make more sense to use a nearby venue rather than take on the maintenance, repairs, and work for yourself? In Santa Rosa, you have your choice of many great public and private pools. Whether you’re a homeowner or the manager of a large residential property, you can save yourself a lot of money, hassle, and frustration by getting a pool removal in Santa Rosa.

pool removal in Santa Rosa
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Pool Removals for Homeowners

What does your pool cost you? You may not realize just how many ways your pool is draining your bank account. Consider these costs:

  • Water costs: Filling up your pool can cost a lot in water. This is especially true when there are water conservation orders in effect.
  • Utility costs: Heating your pool, running the pump, and potentially other equipment can all increase your utility costs substantially. And pausing these pool functions will only add costs to your maintenance.
  • Chemical costs: There are so many pool chemicals beyond chlorine shock. Descalers, pH up, pH down, algaecide, and more all rack up quite the tab.
  • Maintenance costs: Do you pay someone else to do your pool maintenance? If so, there’s a substantial cost. If you try to reduce maintenance costs, you just end up paying for it in equipment costs.
  • Repair costs: The labor for repairs also costs money.
  • Equipment costs: What does a new pump cost you? Or new safety equipment for the pool, new scrubbers, new diving boards? You need a ton of equipment for the pool.

When you add it all up, your pool costs you far more than a membership at a local pool would, never mind all the time and stress you’ll save without having a pool too.

Pool Removals for Property Owners

If you own or manage a large residential or commercial property, from an apartment complex to a hotel, you may benefit from pool removal. How big of an attraction feature is your pool really, and could you end up saving on operating costs substantially if you had the pool removed? Here are some things to consider:

  • Reduced liability: Does your insurance policy cover all of the potential fallout from an accident at your pool? Even if it does, removing your pool can then save you a lot of money in insurance premiums.
  • Reduced staff: Typically, you need to have a lifeguard on duty to open the pool, which can be costly. Then there is the cost of having staff clean, maintain, and even repair the pool.
  • Reduced utilities:Running the pump, heater, and other equipment, especially for a large pool, can be quite costly in utilities.
  • Reduced equipment costs: As a property owner, you end up putting a lot more equipment in your pool than the average homeowner has to. You need accessibility tools, more safety equipment, leisure equipment and more for the pool.

Choose Us for Pool Removal

If you’ve decided that the benefits you get from a pool just aren’t worth the costs, reach out to us today to get a pool removal in Santa Rosa.

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