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Whether you’ve had a pool on your property for a long time or just purchased a property with a pool, you can benefit from removing it and reclaiming your space. Whether you own a home or a larger residential or commercial property, removing your pool can lower your costs, liability and get rid of the many hassles of having a pool.

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Liability Issues from Pools

Who is responsible if an accident happens in your pool? If you’re the homeowner, you could be liable for any medical bills and other damages that result from an accident at your pool. If you’re a homeowner’s association or owner of a larger property, you could also be held liable for accidents and injuries associated with the pool. Protecting yourself from these lawsuits means having a lot of safety equipment, procedures, proper supervision of the pool, and a large insurance policy. But, it may be much cheaper and safer for you to just not have a pool at all.

The Cost of a Pool

Beyond the legal risks, there are plenty of other costs associated with a pool that may make keeping it in good shape too costly for the benefit. Here are some of the costs of a pool:

  • Equipment: From a pump to a diving board, there is a ton of equipment that goes along with a pool. Most of it has to be replaced every few years.
  • Maintenance: A pool is a constant sink of maintenance costs, not just in labor but also in chemicals, test strips, and cleaning equipment.
  • Repairs: Repair costs for pools can be considerable too. Pool repair technicians are not cheap, and that is on top of the costs for the replacement parts or equipment.
  • Water and utilities: The larger the pool, the more it costs in water, heating, and electricity for pumping. Reducing those costs may make your utility bill much easier to pay.

Money isn’t the only thing that a pool can cost you. It’s biggest impact is time. How much time do you spend cleaning it, arranging for its maintenance and repairs, closing it and opening it? You could likely use that time for other things that are more important for you, your family and your quality of life.

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How Does Pool Removal Work?

Pool removal is a relatively simple process that doesn’t take too much time, so long as it is done properly by a professional. Here’s what you can expect from our pool removal process:

  • Permit: We will get your permit and ensure all other local regulations are met for your pool removal.
  • Drain: We safely remove all of the water from your pool.
  • Shell: We either drill holes into the shell or remove it entirely.
  • Cap: We cap off all lines that run to the pool, including electricity and water.
  • Back-fill: We fill in the hole with the right mixture of materials.
  • Tamp and level: We tamp and level the ground to ensure it will be stable for you.
  • Clean-up: We remove all debris and make sure your space is clean.

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