Can You Put Too Much Chlorine in a Pool?

We’ve become comfortable with chlorine as a chemical in our homes. But, like the bleach you use to clean the toilet bowl, you might use chlorine every week, but it is still a potentially harmful chemical. You can put too much chlorine in your pool. In fact, according to the California Department of Pesticide Regulation [...]

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How Long Can Chlorine Stay in your Hair?

When the weather turns hot, or when you’re on vacation, swimming is a popular way to relax and cool off. But did you know that your hair can pay dearly for the time you spent in the pool and hot tub? It’s not really known how long chlorine stays on your hair. But it’s said [...]

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How to Choose a Pool Removal Contractor

Choosing a pool removal contractor is an important decision. Pool demolitions have become very popular over the last few years, enticing general contractors to offer pool removals as a new service. However, if you choose a pool removal contractor who doesn’t have the knowledge, equipment, or insurance necessary, you could end up with a real [...]

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Options for Landscaping After Pool Removal

Adding new backyard landscaping after your pool removal is quite an exciting process. Suddenly you have a ton of new space that you can repurpose. What kind of landscaping ideas work best for spots where a pool once stood? It depends on what type of pool removal you had. We will share our tips below [...]

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