Adding new backyard landscaping after your pool removal is quite an exciting process. Suddenly you have a ton of new space that you can repurpose. What kind of landscaping ideas work best for spots where a pool once stood? It depends on what type of pool removal you had. We will share our tips below and hopefully spark some inspiration for you.

Landscaping After Complete Pool Demolition

The fill dirt added after a complete pool demolition should be clean and tamped down for security. If your pool removal team did so this dirt is unlikely to sink with time, so you have more options than you would with a partial pool removal. Options include:

Decks and Patios

The level, solid ground left behind after a pool removal can support a structure, including a deck or patio. If you want extra entertaining space, this is a great idea.

Outdoor Kitchens
It’s often frustrating to try to tear up enough grass and soil to put in an outdoor kitchen. So, you have a great opportunity with your bare ground to put in all of the pipes and appliances you could dream for in your second kitchen.

Fire Pits
Often you need to clear a wide patch of grass from your firepit to prevent setting your lawn ablaze. You already have a bald spot, so it’s a convenient time to add the firepit.

Swing Sets

When you have kids, adding a swing set or another jungle gym play structure to the yard is a great way to encourage them to play outside, develop their coordination, and burn off some of that extra energy. With the steady fill dirt from a complete removal, you can add any play structures you like.

Landscaping After a Partial Pool Removal

Are you thinking of adding greenery instead of yard accessories? Adding a garden is perfect after a partial pool removal. You can’t build on top of partial pool removals, as the ground may sink slightly over time after this process. Small soil shifts may disrupt sheds and decks, but they don’t matter to plants.


Here in the Bay Area, water is at a premium. Many of those who choose to remove their pools do so to help conserve water. So adding a thirsty garden may not fit with your goals. The solution is Xeriscaping, a gardening philosophy that seeks to reduce or eliminate the need for watering.

Turf lawn

Do you plan to let your children, or the dog, run wild in the now free space left by the pool? Then it’s time to add a lawn. They don’t have to be boring—there are many grass species from which you can choose.

Traditional Gardening

You can use the space left by your pool to grow your veggies, cut flowers, herbs, or anything else you fancy. Keep in mind that the fill dirt added after your pool removal is clean. It may not have the same level of nutrients and beneficial soil bacteria that the rest of your yard does. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to incorporate some compost before you plant heavy-feeders like tomatoes or roses.

Need More Backyard Ideas After Pool Removal?

Most pool demolition specialists know a landscaper or two who can help you plan your perfect backyard. Contact a local pool removal specialist today to learn more.