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Pool Demolition Santa Cruz

We’re getting calls for pool demolition in Santa Cruz more than ever before. We’ve heard from homeowners who feel that their pool just isn’t worth the costs anymore, particularly if they spend more time cleaning it than actually using it. Plus, pools have become a liability, as a homeowner can now be held liable if someone breaks into their pool or if a neighborhood child has a near-drowning event in the pool. Ultimately, many people are choosing to demolish their pool and stop worrying about it altogether.

our professional team will work on a pool demolition in Santa Cruz
pool demolition using the jackhammer

What is Your Pool Costing You and Your Community?

There are many direct and indirect costs associated with your pool:

  • Electricity costs from running the pump and filter
  • High water bill from filling the pool
  • Costs of buying the dozen pool chemical types you need
  • Costs of equipment like pumps, filters, and covers
  • Repairs to that equipment when it breaks down
  • Increased insurance costs from the risk pools bring

Your pool also costs you time, as you shop for chemicals, clean it, and call in professionals to fix or maintain it. In our busy modern world, our time is precious. What could you be doing with your time instead of caring for your pool?

Plus, your pool is also costing the environment. Pools use a lot of water, which is especially valuable during a drought. Pools also allow chemicals to evaporate into the air, unless you buy an expensive cover to stop this process. Even saltwater pools allow chlorine to evaporate—the salt is turned into small amounts of chlorine by the filter. Further, the water from all of the pools in a neighborhood actually contribute to coastline erosion—an issue that’s important to people in Santa Cruz.

Few people realize that pools have significant environmental impacts. Share the news with your friends and neighbors, and they may understand your choice to remove your pool a little better.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose a General Contractor for Pool Demolition

If you’ve decided to demolish your pool, why not call up a general contractor? Unfortunately, many general contractors aren’t aware of how to remove a pool safely and legally. They may charge less than the professionals, but only because they don’t have the right equipment to get the job done properly. A lot of errors can be made in pool removal:

  • If you don’t have a pool removal permit, you may have trouble selling your home
  • Uncapped sewage, electrical and gas lines can be safety hazards
  • Pool parts must be disposed of properly to prevent them from impacting the environment
  • The hole must be filled with the right mix of gravel, clean fill dirt and top soil, or water can’t drain from it (creating a mud pool that’s a serious safety hazard)
  • The filled ground must be tamped and graded so it is safe to walk and build on

The whole point of removing your pool is to save you money and stress, so call up a professional team to get it done right. Once we’ve removed your pool, you’ll never have to worry about it again. That’s why Bay Area Pool Removal is the top choice for pool demolition in Santa Cruz.

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